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Inside Relational Databases with examples in Access
Further Information
for teaching staff at academic institutions

Inside Relational Databases was written while I was teaching relational database theory to undergraduate students at the University of Dundee. I am happy to report that the book has since been adopted as a course text by Universities around the world.

During the years I taught the course I amassed a collection of teaching materials which are offered for academic use.  The material includes assignments, labs and sample exam. questions.  You are welcome to use the material for academic purposes. You are also welcome to modify the material, adding bits or taking them away as you see fit. You are not required to give me credit for the material to the students (my experience is that they don't care where material originates!)

I make this material available on a couple of conditions: you are welcome to distribute the material to students using an intranet but please do not publish the material on the internet. The other condition is that you kindly let me know by e-mail if you are using material. As an incentive I am happy to supply sample answers to people who do this. And should you have any material that you'd like to share you can send it to me and I'll include it in this pack – credited, of course, to you and not me.

If you are interested in using this material, please email me with details of your academic institution and your role there.


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