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ISBN 1-84628-394-9 Available from:

Amazon (UK) for about 24.50 pounds

Amazon (US) for about 33 USD

Some promotional blurb from Springer (our publisher) says:

Inside Relational DatabasesInside Relational Databases has been around in various editions since 1997, has been translated into three other languages and has sold all over the world. It has helped thousands of people to understand the relational model that underpins all modern databases.

Inside Relational Databases has never been about how to use a particular database engine (Access, SQL Server, MySQL, whatever). Instead, it's about the underlying way in which relational databases work. However it is very convenient if the book illustrates the relational model using the reader's favorite product - such as Access. So, for the new edition the authors are producing several versions of the same book, each based on a different database engine. The version shown here is based around Access (hence the title). There will be different versions based around other engines coming soon.

You shouldn't buy this book if you are looking for a book about how to use Access. You should buy this book if you have created databases but they don't seem to work very well. Perhaps you:

  • can't retrieve the information that you want.
  • have to type in the same information over and over again.
  • type in data and it appears to go missing.
  • ask questions and get answers that you know are wrong.
  • can use Access but you don't know exactly what to do with it.
  • know that a relational database lets you create multiple tables in the database but you are uncertain why this is to your advantage.

Or perhaps you hear words in connection with databases like:

  • Normalization
  • Redundant data
  • Transaction
  • Functional dependency
  • Data dictionary
  • Inner join
  • Meta-data
  • Locking
  • Union
  • ER modeling
  • Data integrity

Inside Relational Databases not only explains these terms and concepts but also puts them into the context of designing a relational database so that you can understand what they are and why they are important.

Dr Mark Whitehorn has gained an extensive understanding of relational database theory and has an enthusiastic style of communication that is ideally suited to shedding light on this complex topic. His popular and long running database column in the UK’s Personal Computer World has already made database theory accessible to thousands of people.

Bill Marklyn has an intimate knowledge of relational theory and was the Development Manager who oversaw the entire design of the first two major releases of Microsoft’s highly successful RDBMS, Access.

Together they make a great team, illuminating a tricky subject with substance and style.

Inside relational Databases with examples in Access can be bought on-line from Amazon ( or .com).

For the downloadable files that accompany Inside relational Databases with examples in Access, please click here.

Educational resources to accompany Inside relational Databases with examples in Access are also available to staff at academic institutions.



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