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About Prof. Mark Whitehorn

PenguinSoft offers consultancy, training and authoring services.

Consultancy & Training
PenguinSoft undertakes consultancy and training in the areas of Business Intelligence, data warehousing, OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) and database systems in general. This includes managing entire data warehousing projects, providing 'reality/health checks' on existing projects, building OLAP systems to enable reporting on key performance indicators and revitalising databases that are running like cold treacle.

We also undertakes writing commissions such as:

  • White papers – Papers for internal use within a company or for dissemination to customers. These can be written with whatever degree of technical content is required and delivery of two versions (technical and non-technical) of the same piece can also be arranged.
  • Presentations - for example to explain technical problems and solutions to non-technical managers.
  • Case studies – again with the required degree of technical content.

Over the years we have worked for a range of companies that includes:

  • Bond International Enterprises
  • IBM United Kingdom Ltd
  • Limit Underwriting Ltd
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Microsoft (UK and US)
  • Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
  • QA
  • Scottish Water
  • TemTec UK Ltd

... and well over 100 others.

We are always pleased to discuss consultancy and/or writing projects. Please email

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