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Inside Relational Databases Ed.2

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Accessible Access 2003

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Accessible Access 2000

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Fast Track to MDX: 2nd edition

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Fast Track to MDX

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Essential Database Stuff


Inside Relational Databases explains the theory that underlies all relational databases. First written in 1997 it rapidly became a classic (at least in the database world!) and a second edition was produced in 2001. In 2006 we are releasing several versions of the book; each one uses a different database engine to illustrate the relational model. The book presently available uses Microsoft Access, hence the full title, Inside Relational Databases with examples in Access. A version using Microsoft SQL Server is planned to follow shortly.  Then there's MySQL, Oracle....

Accessible Access is a quick start introduction to Microsoft Access 2003 and Fast Track to MDX gives all the necessary groundwork to enable you to write useful, powerful MDX and also introduces the most frequently used MDX functions and constructs.

In the introduction of each book we promise to use this web site to provide information about any errors in the books and/or bugs in the examples. Click on either front cover for information about each book or click on Further Information for just that, including the errata sections...

ESSENTIAL DATABASE STUFF collected database columns from PCW

One of the great joys of my life has been writing the database column in Personal Computer World - 15 years so far and still going strong.  The fundamentals of relational database theory do not change and many problems discussed in early columns are still entirely relevant.  Only the software, Microsoft Access (used to solve general and Access-specific problems) has moved on. Collected here is material from 1993-2001 brought up to date with sample solutions in Access 2003. Here you'll find everything from handy keystrokes to advanced programmatic solutions, and light cast on the perennial problem areas of sorting data and handling dates.


The most recent edition of the best-selling Inside Relational Databases is the first of several versions aimed at users of popular database engines. Here Microsoft's Access is used to illustrate the relational model to bring you the most reader-friendly explanation of the relational model and its importance to database designers and builders.

are available to accompany this book.


The second edition of the best-selling Inside Relational Databases is revised and updated to bring you the most reader-friendly explanation of the relational model and its importance to database designers and builders.


Based on the best-selling Accessible Access 2000, this book has been completely re-written for Access 2003. The philosophy remains the same: the book is for people new to building databases but isn't an 'everything there is to know about Access' book. We've tried to act as intelligent filter, presenting only the essential information that you need to get started.

Accessible Access 2000 ACCESSIBLE ACCESS 2000

Access was designed to be a simple-to-use tool for creating stand-alone databases to run on PCs. Since its launch in 1992, it has been phenomenally successful and has, over the years, been extensively modified and extended. Access 2000 moves way beyond that notable first version and incorporates web publishing tools, a programming environment and a means of developing for a multi-user client-server back-end.

Fast Track to MDX: 2nd edition FAST TRACK TO MDX: second edition
(For SQL Server 2000)
It was the clarity, precision and sheer readability of the first edition that made it a best-seller. With that firmly in mind the authors have left the original eighteen chapters intact (apart from minor updates); meaning that the second edition remains the best introduction to MDX that's available. What they have done is to add three brand new chapters. These introduce the topic of recursion in MDX, walk you through the process of creating recursive expressions and finally demonstrate how recursion can be used to effectively solve a series of business problems.

(For SQL Server 2000)
From two key members of Microsoft's Analysis Services team: Mosha Pasumansky was the developer in charge for the first implementation of MDX in the Microsoft OLAP Services 7.0 product and is currently working on the next version of Microsoft Analysis Services. No-one knows more about MDX. Robert Zare is Program Manager for Analysis Services at Microsoft. It was his inspirational talks on MDX, given at TechEd, that led to this book being written.

There are another two books - one on DB2 and the other on IBM's Business Intelligence tools. They are still available on sites like Amazon, but are out of print (and therefore collector's items!)
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