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Fast Track to MDX: 2nd edition

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Fast Track to MDX

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ISBN 1-85233-681-1 Available from:

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(For SQL Server 2000)

Fast Track to MDXEverything you need to write useful, powerful MDX

The publisher's blurb says:

From two key members of Microsoft's Analysis Services team: Mosha Pasumansky was the developer in charge for the first implementation of MDX in the Microsoft OLAP Services 7.0 product and is currently working on the next version of Microsoft Analysis Services. No-one knows more about MDX. Robert Zare is Program Manager for Analysis Services at Microsoft. It was his inspirational talks on MDX, given at TechEd, that led to this book being written.

By the best-selling author of Inside Relational Databases, DB2 for Windows NT Fast and Accessible Access 200: Mark Whitehorn, co-author of Inside Relational Databases, is renowned for the clarity of his technical writing. He encapsulates the detailed knowledge of the other two authors into an approachable and highly readable book.

OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) is the most powerful BI (Business Intelligence) tool currently available and Microsoft's Analysis Manager makes OLAP cubes extremely easy to build and deploy. However, in order to leverage the real power of OLAP, in order to solve real-life business problems, you need to understand and use the language that both controls the cubes and allows them to be queried. That language is MDX (Multi Dimensional eXpressions).


  • Readme.doc - definitions you need to know
  • How MDX is used
  • MDX queries
  • MDX syntax
  • MDX expressions
  • Navigating the hierarchy
  • Snapshot data analysis
  • Moving averages
  • Filters
  • Setting the default member
  • Member properties and Dimension security
  • Distinct Count
  • Parent-Child dimensions
  • Advanced data modelling
  • Custom Order, Custom Rollup, Custom Members
  • Further advanced data modelling techniques
  • Actions
  • Server side colour coding
  • More about querying

In order to write effective MDX you need:

  • a clear understanding of dimensional structuring - hierarchies, dimensions, measures, members, tuples and sets.
  • a knowledge of the syntax and functions specific to MDX.

This book covers both areas in detail and gives you all the necessary groundwork to enable you to write useful, powerful MDX and also introduces the most frequently used MDX functions and constructs.

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