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  About Mark Whitehorn

Dr. Mark WhitehornMary is very much part of the PenguinSoft team, involved in the writing of both articles and books.  A shy and retiring soul, she is happiest working behind the scenes on whatever project is current.  Readers of articles with Mark's by-line are often, in fact, reading words written by the other M Whitehorn, and the books have a silent extra author, often cited in the acknowledgements.

If you think this makes Mark sound like a male chauvinist penguin, please bear in mind that Mary is both author of this page and web master...

Articles for part-works aimed at beginners are something of a speciality for her, especially introducing the gentle art of building a database in an accessible fashion.  As the blurb on the back of our 'DB2 for Windows NT' book (now sadly out of print) says, she eschews all obfuscation.

When not writing, she often to be found either cooking or gardening.  The results of the former are more reliable than those of the latter.

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