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Accessible Access 2003We are always very pleased to hear from anyone who spots any errors (please email details to ).

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Robin Adam

Known errata in Accessible Access 2003

Chapter 9 Tapping the power of Access queries:

The file chap9start2.mdb should contain the ClubMembers table with two records for people from Kirkcaldy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, but happily there are two alternative simple fixes.

In Chapter 9 on page 128, just before the start of the ‘Creating an Update query’ section, I’ve said you should load the file chap9start2.mdb. The two Kirkcaldy records mentioned on the next page are missing from that file. One option is to type in the records shown in the upper screen shot in page 129.

An alternative option is to load the file chap9updatequery.mdb mentioned on page 130 instead. The two Kirkcaldy records are present, and the KirkcaldySpelling update query is there too. You can either just run that query to see what it does, or you can, of course, write your own following the instructions in the book.

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