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Accessible Access 2003Access was designed to be a simple-to-use tool for creating stand-alone databases to run on PCs. Since its launch in 1992, it has been phenomenally successful and has, over the years, been extensively modified and extended. Access continues to be developed and the 2003 version adds even more in the way of cool stuff you can do with a database, including publishing a database to the web and developing for a multi-user client-server back-end.

Despite the glitz and glamour of these high-end additions, Bill and I feel that there are still many people who want to create and use relatively simple databases on stand-alone PCs. Such databases may well evolve and grow and the tools are there for when they do, but for a little database to grow into a big strong database application, it needs a good foundation.

We think it is of paramount importance to create a well-crafted well-structured database right from the word go and that’s the one and only goal of this book. Accessible Access describes a route from a new user’s first steps on launching the application to the creation of a robust stand-alone database.

In order to keep the book to a readable size and so avoid deluging the reader with details, we chose to concentrate exclusively on the basics of Access 2003: the finer points of input masks, for instance, are entirely ignored, the sexy webby bits are shimmied over very rapidly and the mighty power of Access programming and projects get the merest nod. The advantage of this decision is that the book focuses on the core elements of Access which have to be understood in order to get you up and running with the product in the shortest possible time. We've tried to provide a concise and easy-to-follow path through the core functionality of Access to enable readers to construct a stand-alone database as easily as possible.

We were delighted with the reception that Accessible Access 2000 received and have tried to keep the same philosophy for Accessible Access 2003. We've gone through the text with a fine-tooth comb: every screen shot has been retaken and every section has been re-checked to ensure not only that it still works, but also that it is actually still relevant. We have re-written parts where the product has changed and also added some new material. For example, there is a new section on Object Dependencies and a whole new chapter about Data Access Pages - helping you to put your Access database onto an intranet.

Accessible Access 2003 can be bought on-line from Amazon ( or .com).

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